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  • Monday, February 13, 2006

    Cyndi's 爱你!!!A Whole New Way To Dance...

    While boss Lepton was down in London, we went for our usual 4 hour karaoke session.

    There I was reminded of one particular song that I like: 爱你 (love you) by Cyndi.

    Cyndi is ... fairly decent looking... I was thinking of making her Girl of The Week but we decided that she isn't particularly hot... thought she is most definately CUTE...

    I first fell in love with Cyndi when I saw her dancing in her music video for the song 爱你 (ai ni). It was a refreshing change from western singers who dance as sexy as they could and show as much clevage possible before their boobs popped out one by one.

    Cyndi on the other hand dances in a very very cute way.

    The cute kind of way that you would dance like when you were taking dancing lessons at the age of 8.

    Yes... embarrassingly enough, I took dancing lessons when I was in primary school. Not because I didn't love my kotek... but because I went to a school that made it compulsory. Fortunately it was a co-ed school. Could you imagine if they made us dance with each other in boy schools... that would just be totally fuked up.
    For those of you who haven't seen Cyndi's video for the song 爱你 (ai ni), check it out here.

    Note to girlfriend:
    Baby if you're wondering what I would really like for Valentine's day... all you have to do is go buy the 'school uniform' that Cyndi is wearing in her music video, and learn the dance steps... and of course... dance for me to see!!! Whheeeee!!!

    I have even included below a video by Cyndi to teach you how to do the dance step by step...

    So please pleasee pleassseeeee!!!!!!!
    Pretty Pretty PUH-LEEEEEEEEEZEEEE....... Even Boss Lepton's girlfriend dances that for him...



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