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  • Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    Girl Of The Week: Hebe

    Those who know me will surely know that it was just a matter of time before HEBE from S.H.E. becomes Leng Mou's GIRL OF THE WEEK!!! WOOHOO!!!
    I first fell in love with Hebe when I watched her S.H.E. music video for the song 爱呢. She was so absolutely gorgeous (in a cute and pretty way) that I watched her video over and over again for almost a hundred times.
    That's right! A HUNDRED TIMES! Even the horniest bastard that would shag anything that moves doesn't watch Japanese AV a HUNDRED TIMES.

    But Hebe too does have her bad days. Some time ago, some one circulated this picture on the internet claiming it to be Hebe without her make-up.
    Don't you just hate bastards like these.... they're the kind of people that tell you that Santa Clause does not exist, that Pamela Anderson's boobs are fake and that Roast Duck at Four Seasons is fattening and bad for health.

    In the mean time... I shall just wait for the day to come... when Hebe will tell the world...

    And all the way from London... you shall hear*sigh*... the lies we tell ourselves just to move on with life.

    Just for the record... HEBE 我也好爱你啊!!!

    PS: Here is the music video that got me to love Hebe. Once again, just press PLAY.
    *Guys, prepare your tissue paper*


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