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  • Saturday, February 04, 2006

    Chicken Little 3-D

    Friday afternoon, I decided to pay Leicester Square (in London) a visit. For those of you who are new to London, Leicester Square is the cinema capital of London. Every premier or opening of a big movie in the UK is always held at Leicester Square.
    This bright and sunny Friday with the temperature hovering above 0 degrees celcius, I went to Leicester Square to watch... Chicken Little.Chicken Little came out in Malaysia last November-December but I refrained from watching it then. The reason: why would you watch Chicken Little... when you could just wait a little longer and watch....

    Not only did we get to watch things come out of the screen... but we got FREE CHICKEN LITTLE 3-D GLASSES.

    Yeah, sure... nobody really cares.. but I do. When we first got into the cinema, the 'cool' people around us were saying

    "I'm not gonna put this childish shit on until the movie starts... it's so damn embarrassingly childish"

    Yes, its ugly, but my friends and I are not posers... and we are rather childish, so we put it on the instant we got it. Yes, say what you want... but I am proud of my green Chicken Little glasses and I must say that my friend Hasan looks embarrassingly good in them.
    I don't know about everyone else, but I most certainly have fun... and went home with my little souvenir..
    Here's the classic Chicken Little Numa Numa Trailer for all of you!!!


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