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  • Tuesday, January 31, 2006

    Who wants to be a millionaire? Definitely definitely not Donald Trump

    This has been in the news in the past few days and I've been meaning to write something about this but the Chinese New Year doggy came and ... well.... everything slowed to a stop.

    , Donald Trump is suing the author of Trump Nation: The Art of Being Donald for $5 billion all because the author (Timothy O'Brien) alleged in his book that Donald Trump is 'not remotely close to being a billionaire'.Instead, Timothy O'Brien gathers that Donald Trump's networth is somewhere between $150 to $250 million, hence implying that Donald Trump is a multi millionaire as opposed to the billionaire that he claims he is.

    I remember that in one of the earlier Apprentice episodes that I've watched, Donald Trump claimed that he is worth $4 billion (although Forbes puts him at only $2.6 billion). Nevertheless, from the low estimate of $2.6 billion to $150-$250 million... is quite a big difference isn't it?
    But this new saga teaches us all a lesson... you can call Donald Trump anything you want, you can call him a cibai kia, a small lan chiaw kia... or you can even diss him for how he tries to make himself look like God on his TV show The Apprentice, but don't you ever ever call him a millionaire or he will fuk you over like a bitch. How much do I think Donald Trump is worth? I don't know... I really doubt that he is NOT a billionaire given that Forbes put him as $2.6 billion. The only thing that comes to my mind of how Donald Trump is NOT a billionaire is.... if he has a LOT of personal debt... but who would know that but himself... I know I don't...

    What do I think will happen?

    My guess is, after throwing enough weight around and getting enough media attention, the both of them will 'settle' the issue out of court and we will never know for sure if Donald Trump really is a billionaire or not. We're just gonna have to trust him.

    Once again,
    Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

    Remember ladies, "
    doggy-style" is the position to go for this year.


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