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  • Monday, February 06, 2006


    ... that is what I wish I could be saying right now... but the truth is...

    These were the numbers on my ticket

    And these are the numbers that came out.

    For those of you who can't see the numbers clearly, it's 9, 21,30, 39, 50, 1 and 3.

    As you can see.. I only got one number right, which doesn't entitle me to even 10 cents of the prize. Cibai lar.. kena con again. I just contributed to GBP 1.50 to some idiot's brand new Ferrari.

    So who won...? 2 cibais from France and 1 cibai from Portugal (or so I heard).

    Whenever I look at the ticket, it would stare back at my face and taunt me. That sonofabitch!

    HMPH! So I put this damn lottery ticket where it belongs!
    But no no wait... I decided that the cibai ticket deserved a worse fate than that. Make me waste my MONEY !!!

    So first, I put it on a little target I have in my flat.

    Then I whipped out my Gas-Powered Glock (BB-Gun)

    And shot it like a bitch!

    And yet it was defiant!

    After emptying one whole clip into it... I realized that I still barely caused any damage..

    so I got my flatmate to shoot another whole clip into it...

    The result...


    So I dragged the sorry lottery ticket into the kitchen with me and shoved it into the microwave. The stubborn sonofabitch refused to burn even after 1 minute on the "HI" settings.

    So I stabbed the bitch out of it with the biggest knife I could find!

    By the time I was done with it... It was in pieces...

    I would have let it go now if it had cost me only GBP 1.00. But NOOOooo.. It costed me GBP 1.50. So I threw its sorry a$$ into a pot and doused it with Vodka.

    Then I set the bastard on fire!!!

    And then only did I throw his remains away...

    This should set an example to all lottery tickets that don't bring us any winnings!!!


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