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  • Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    Disneyland Paris

    Of course if I took my baby to Paris, I had to take her to Paris Disneyland.
    I got us a room at one of the hotels at the Disneyland Resort ie Hotel New York. It's a very nice modern yet cartoony looking hotel with very nice spacious rooms and even an ice-skating rink. It is hard to complain when you stay in a nice hotel like that.
    Now the best part of Disneyland is of course... the roller-coasters. But lets take a break from that first and lets talk about the less stressful rides such as Dumbo the Flying Elephant (which basically just takes you round and round).
    Yes... I'm sure you could tell from the picture that the people that ride Dumbo (lol.. Ride Dumbo) are either kids or parents taking their kids.

    So did Boss Stewie feel a little shame shame?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT. It was fun!!! and the view from the top was just amazing... (well ok maybe not that amazing)

    Of course that doesn't beat my favourite "It's a Small World" ride. I've been to the Disneyland in the USA, Tokyo and even to this one in Paris before and I never ever miss sitting on this ride.

    You get on a boat that takes you inside this little building
    where they have little dolls dressed in different costumes to look like people from all over the world singing "It's a small world after all.. it's a small world after all... "

    You have to really be there to get the feel of it so at my weak attempt to try to give you guys a share of the pie, I took a video (that was a little on the dark side).

    Just press play.

    The one other thing about Disneyland that you just have to notice is the number of baby trolleys they have everywhere. In some areas you even have "Baby-Trolley Parks". I am NOT KIDDING. LOOK!

    I have never seen so many baby trolleys in one place before.

    So overall... my baby loved Disneyland. She managed to make some new friends
    and at one point, she also got herself a second boyfriend.
    They had a fight and broke up the day we left Disneyland... something about his wee wee not being as big as he looks or something...


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