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  • Friday, March 17, 2006

    Leng Mou's Art of Annoying

    We at Leng Mou? believe that life is dull and boring without some annoying once in a while.

    So we have come up with a few suggestions on how you could possibly annoy people.

    Testament 1: What time is it?
    Wear the most flashy and expensive watch you can find.

    Then go out with your friends one day and keep asking them what time it is.

    Testament 2: House Arrest

    Have you ever felt that your friends always have nicer homes than you do?

    Good. So here's what you do. Without notice, drop by your friend's home at 8am in the morning and just hang out. When he asks you what you're there for, just say you want to hang out.

    Then... this is important.

    Don't leave until 8am the next day no matter how much your friend hints for you to get the fuk out of his house.

    For example, if your friend hints by saying

    "Uhmm... its great having you around Boss Stewie but I kinda gotta meet a friend for lunch now".

    Pretend to be watching the TV in his living room and say

    "Ok dude... have fun."

    or if you are indeed very very ball-sy, say

    "Eh... here's RM 5. Tarpau a duck rice for me on your way back. Thanks"

    Testament 3: Borrow Money

    Keep borrowing small amounts of money from your friend throughout the day.

    As tempting as it may be... KEEP THOSE AMOUNTS SMALL.

    If you ask for 5 sen and your friend says

    "Here, take 50 sen instead"

    You refuse and say

    "NONONO... I just want 5 sen"

    Then wait a little while and ask him for another 5 sen. Do it many many times throughout the day.

    Testament 4: Time Warp
    Go over to your friend's place and when he's not looking, change the time on all his clocks/watches (YES.. ALL .. INCLUDING THE CLOCK ON HIS PHONE) making sure that they all show different times.

    Testament 5: Space Warp
    Go over to your friend's place and when he's not looking, rearrange all the furniture in his living room.

    For example, from this

    to this

    and when he comes back, just innocently sit down on his couch like nothing happened.

    Testament 6: Bathroom-Hog

    If your friend's place has got only one toilet. Go to his place, bring one of these

    and one of these

    and stay there for 5 hours.

    If your friend shouts "WOI!!! WHY SO LONG... ZHOU CAKE AR?!?!"

    Just politely reply... "Hai lorrrrrrrr".

    Testament 7: Paparazzi

    Digital cameras are cheap nowadays and they can take sooo many pictures for free, so take full advantage of it.

    When you're out with your friends, maybe sitting at Starbucks having coffee or even chilling at a friend's place,
    whip out your digital camera and keep taking photos of your friends over and over again (make sure your flash is on).

    I tried it once on my friends and these are the pictures I got.

    Of course at first they were happy to pose...But after a while... the words "FUK OFF" were written all over their faces.

    Imagine the SHEER VOLUME OF PHOTOS.... and all free!!! Ahhh you've gotta love technology.

    When your friends finally turn to you and say ... "HAMI LAN CHIAW?!?!? SIU PHAK AR?!?!"

    Just say... "Sorry sorry... I didn't mean to be annoying."

    Testament 8: Hotel Thief

    Go over to your friend's place and bring a bag with you. When you're over, excuse yourself to the toilet and fill up your bag with all his shampoo, soap, hair gel, toilet paper,toothpaste and shower gel that you can find in his bathroom.
    Take everything...
    (But have pity on him ler.. leave him a few sheets of toilet paper)

    Then later on when he's opening the door for you to leave, "accidentally" drop open your bag having all the goods you "stole" from him pour out.

    Just act perfectly normal and start putting back all the "stolen goods" into your bag in front of him while saying

    "Ooops... sorry arr.... its ok its ok... I can pick up myself.. don't worry about me."

    *written by both Boss Stewie and his buddy Hasan Ali*
    *inspired by Boss Lepton


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