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  • Saturday, March 25, 2006

    TIU TIU TIU........ Tiu Tuition?

    As pointed out by some of our recent SPM top scorers, high achievers have no need for any tuition. In other words, people who have brains where their testicles are meant to be don't need tuition to score in SPM.

    Yea sure, having home tuition can be very expensive. On average, having home tuition in KL could cost you at least RM250 a month. Take that same amount of money down to Chow Kit and you could get 2 hours with a decent looking GRO (even get her to dress up like a school girl for an extra RM50).

    Note: GRO = Guest Relations Officer

    Not only have tuition teachers been busy with tuition but even tuition agents have been singing their way to the bank with expensive commissions they earn from matches. Heck, less than a year there were only a few online tuition agents, today there are more than 10 and all of them charge hefty commissions (Except for this Malaysian Home Tuition site that remains a free service... but who knows how long that's gonna last).

    So the golden question is... IS TUITION NECESSARY?

    And the answer is... "YES"

    Boss Lepton remembers going to tuition to meet girls from other school. Boss Stewie went to a boy school... so how do you think he found his girlfriends?

    Possibly IRC, possibly just through friends... but he did tell me once that he met a very very hot girl from BM tuition.

    All of us remembered how fun it was going to class tuition, passing notes to girls in class while the girls pretend to be annoyed when they actually enjoy the little attention as well. Ahh.. innocent puppy love.

    Well obviously the above applies for those only goes to tuition centres. What about those who prefer to have home tuition? For starters, I would only pay the more expensive fees if my teacher looks like......

    Well, actually I prefer them looking more like.......

    That would actually explain why those having home tuition might have a higher chance of scoring in an exam. Their eyes are fixed to the book rather than somewhere else. Coz er...... well you should get what I mean.

    So what's the bottomline you ask?

    Take a tuition(or tuitions), meet girls, look at pretty teachers or simply choose a teacher so that you are forced to push your face into books. Now do you understand why we shouldn't tiu tuition?


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