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  • Monday, March 20, 2006

    School Meme Mou?

    So apparently there is this annoying "School Meme" going around the blogosphere lately such that if you get tagged by it, you have to do it or the blogger who tagged you (in this case Shaolin Tiger) won't be happy about it.

    Bah.. so for the sake of formality... here goes.

    How many schools did I go to?

    Two schools. I was in a private school from standard 1 all the way to Form 1. In Form 1, I had my first girlfriend and got into so much hanky panky with her that my parents thought it was time to send me to a boy school starting from Form 2 (Well... this coupled with the reason that my parents ran out of money to keep paying the hefty private school fees).

    Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?

    It depends... I never studied in Primary school. I only started studying after Form 2 when I finally understood what "GAGAL" meant in my report card.

    Was I the class ‘taiko’ or the teacher’s pet?

    Again it depends. In primary school I was pretty much a big 'taiko' in a small pond. But when I went to government school, I saw the many many much more bigger taikos there so my penis fell off and I became the teacher's pet.

    What was the biggest rule I broke in school?

    I had foreplay with a girl in school... no wait.. that's not against the rules is it?

    Three subjects I enjoyed.

    Pendidikan Jasmani, Waktu Rehat and Tamat Sekolah.

    Three teachers that inspired me.

    Bro. Paul - For understanding our needs of stripping one by one of our classmates and colouring their nipples with highlighter when there are no teachers around in between periods.

    Mrs Loh - For showing me that all you need to do to be teacher's pet is study hard, kiss ass and be a little faggot.

    Bro. Paul again - For telling us how to delete our "Browser History" each time after we finish surfing porn.

    Now that I have put myself through this torture... I am tagging Jess, Kampungboycitgal, Tock, Jason, Chapree De Grande, Kylier, Slinky, Louyau , June, Koyuuken, SmashPop and uhmm... did I miss anyone else?



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