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  • Thursday, March 30, 2006

    Boss Lepton and his laughing ways

    Boss Lepton was down in London again last weekend, not purely for leisure but also for a job interview. Now when Boss Lepton is acting all grown-up and matured... he looks like this
    When he is acting... less grown-up and matured... he looks like this And when he's watching comedy on TV... well.. uhmm..

    The night before his interview, he was watching Eurotrip on TV in my living room. For those of you who never caught it, Eurotrip is an American-Pie Style teen comedy with... good humour and lots of boobies. I took this video of Boss Lepton while he was watching Europtrip. Watch the whole video the laughing escalates from small bursts of laughter to... well... check it out...

    Nobody laughs like Boss Lepton.

    PS: We are forced to say that the black thing that Boss Lepton is waving in the air and beating the couch with isn't a dildo. And no.. Boss Lepton is not SM.


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