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  • Saturday, April 01, 2006

    Are you Ambi-licious?

    Since Boss Stewie is still recovering from the departure of his baby, I decided to go ahead with this article, which I hope might be informative :D.

    According to this article about "The Secrets of Ambition" on the Time Magazine, most people shows sign of their ambitions as they were growing up.

    Take my good friend Tiger Woods(whom I respect and demand that others give him respect too) for example, it says that "At 6, he listens to motivational tapes --'I will make my own destiny' -- while practising his swings in the mirror". Picture this.

    Now if you asked me, I'd say that is a lot of motivation and drive and determination right there.

    Time magazine also defines ambition as the inner fire, the need and will to grab a part of the resource pie as illustrated below.

    I'd say tough luck for Boss Stewie trying to swallow up Pac-Man, he gets swallowed up instead. Well, unless of course he is a leech and slowly suck Pac-Man dry from the inside.

    So are you the type of person like Boss Stewie? If you are, please keep it to yourself. According to the article, humans are separated into 4 categories:

    1. Poor
    2. Struggling but getting by
    3. Upper middle class
    4. Rich

    If you fall into the 1st or 2nd category, you might see ambition as a luxury. Something like diamond rings.

    If you fall into the 4th category, you are unlikely to be very ambitious, due to the fact that ambition is unnecessary. People like Boss Stewie unfortunately falls into this category, simply because he drives a beemer 3 series at a young age of 22.

    This implies that the most blood-sucking, ambitious type of person are those from the upper-middle class. Note that I'm trying to imply that if you fall into this category of people, EVERYBODY adores you. You have that mental anxiety that no those in the other classes wouldn't normally face, mainly because if something goes wrong to the economy you might fall down to the category below.

    Saying that, you also have the essence of a successful businessman, which is why you are what Boss Lepton categorise as the Ambi-licious.

    So why are you ambi-licious?

    You would work harder than anybody else from the for groups above so that you can reach the "rich" status. By harder, I mean you would do anything to get to the top.

    However, there is a catch. The catch is you are AMBI-LICIOUS to certain people.

    People like Donald Trump are fall into this category. To him, you're a ladybird at his disposal. You work your ass off for him, increasing his already $2.7 billion net worth. Yea, life is tough, but no complains, he's smarter than most of us and therefore has a right to manipulate us. Yea, so this type of person, Boss Lepton call the Ambi-eater, one which feeds on others' ambitions.

    What, you ask, is Boss Lepton's advice on getting rich?

    The answer is quite simple, as Donald Trump put it in his famous reality show "The Apprentice".........

    That's right. So the next time Boss Stewie offers you a job, think again, who's getting richer?


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