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  • Thursday, April 06, 2006

    CSI Helps Criminals Escape

    I was reading BBC News this morning when I woke up and something caught my attention.

    "US crime drama CSI is helping criminals to escape justice, a senior policeman in Malaysia has said.

    "CSI and a few other series teach how to remove traces of crime," said Deputy Inspector General Musa Hassan.

    He told the country's Bernama News Agency such television programmes provided insights into how police work and made them more efficient." - Source BBC

    I think our Deputy Inspector General is right.

    I mean.. how else would Boss Stewie know that if he was ever going to commit murder, he should do it without using a gun (because guns leave gunpowder residue) and without wearing any clothes (because shoes leave footprints and clothes leave fabric that Horatio and his crew will use to trace back to you).

    That's right folks. A "bogel" killer is a killer that doesn't get caught!

    CSI also teaches you that if you were ever going to do it.. make sure you belakang mari so that the victim doesn't struggle and leave any "signs of struggle" on you.

    I wonder if one day... they might ban CSI in Malaysia because of this.

    And you tell me.. "WHAT?? DON'T BE RIDICULOUS BOSS STEWIE"

    But didn't Macgyver get banned in Malaysia years ago because some stupid little boy tried to hop on to an airplane Macgyver-style? Disclaimer: For the record... if you ever read in the newspapers



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