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  • Saturday, May 27, 2006

    How well do you know Leng Mou?

    I love sending postcards and since I'll be leaving London in a week's time... I thought that it would be nice to send one last postcard back home.

    But rather than sending it to my baby or my family whom have received over a million of them in the past 3 years that I've been in London, I thought:

    Why not send it to one of our readers?
    The contest

    Of course, we have many readers so it would be unfair to send only to one of you so here's what we'll do.

    We've put together 10 questions about Leng Mou to see how well you know Leng Mou.

    All the answers for the questions can be found in the blog itself just by looking at our previous posts in the archives so I'm not going to ask questions like "What colour are my balls?" because I never mentioned or implied it in our posts.

    The person who gets all 10 questions correct and most accurately will win.

    So cut and paste all the questions below and fill in your answers below them. Then e-mail it to us as lengmoublog@yahoo.com

    The contest will end at 7am Malaysian time on Monday so send in the answers to us before then if you want to take part in the little fun and action.

    The reward

    We will send the winner a postcard (signed of course by both Boss Lepton and I) all the way from London to wherever you are in the world.

    In the case where more than 1 person gets all the right answers we will pick a winner at random and send an e-mail to him/her to ask for the address that the postcard is to be sent to and a photo even, if you would like everyone on Leng Mou to know that it was you who won :P

    So here are the questions... Good Luck!

    1) Who wrote the most disgusting blog entry ever posted on Leng Mou (Boss Lepton or Boss Stewie). What was it called?

    2) In Leng Mou's Art of Annoying, one of the testaments involved rearranging furniture in your friend's living room. What was that testament specifically called?

    3) Boss Stewie loves to launch "Campaigns" on Leng Mou with posters. What was the first campaign that Boss Stewie ever launched?

    4) Boss Lepton once found himself stuck in a public toilet without any toilet paper. What did he use to wipe his ass?

    5) One of the bloggers once got in trouble for picking a 'bad' song to sing during a Karaoke session with his sister, mother and girlfriend. Was it Boss Lepton or Boss Stewie?

    6) In which blog entry can this quote be found?

    7) Boss Lepton once wrote a post about bad parking in Malaysia. He found a note on a badly parked Kenari. What did the note say?

    8) Boss Stewie has very poor Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) and he proved it when he attempted to write a Malay essay on this blog. What was the title of the essay?

    9) When Boss Stewie goes to 1-Utama he loves to sneak off to eat his favourite ice-cream. What is his favourite ice-cream and who does he hide it from?

    10) Boss Stewie once wrote a post about what to do if you're travelling and you forget to bring your towel. What was the 4th Method of solving this problem as suggested by Boss Stewie?

    Good luck guys.

    PS: This is only for those who can be bothered to do it. If you have exams right now... then please DON'T waste your time unless you enjoy going back to read our old posts that you may have missed out.


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