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  • Friday, May 26, 2006

    The End is Near

    Good news everyone. Leng Mou is finally coming to an end.

    Boss Lepton has confirmed that he will be coming down to London on the 31st of May and he will be buying me my roast duck at the Four Seasons Restaurant in London (which was the whole reason why Leng Mou was started in the first place).

    The score is Boss Lepton with 10 lengs and Boss Stewie with 13 (although it wasn't exactly very fair because I blogged much more often than Boss Lepton).
    So our final blog entry on Leng Mou will be on the 1st of June 2006 which is slightly less than a week from now.

    After that Leng Mou will no longer be updated.

    A few people have come up to us to tell us that we should continue blogging and that we could one day be "huge blogging personalities" like Kennysia or Xiaxue but the truth is that neither of us want any of that.

    We started Leng Mou for fun and it has always been all about the fun and not about the number of hits or the traffic we get.

    Believe it or not, the one thing that has kept me blogging all this is all of you guys out there and all the hilarious comments that make me roll of the floor laughing.

    Sometimes I think you guys make me laugh more than I can possibly return the favour (no matter how hard I try).

    I will miss all of you when all this is over.

    We're not the funny ones in this blog... you guys are (
    and by guys I also mean... girls).

    I wake up every morning eager to see what comments that each one of you write. Though I can't possibly reply every single one of them, rest assured that I do read every one of them.

    In the mean time, we would just like to take this early opportunity to thank all of you for your company here. It is still beyond belief that Leng Mou which started just for personal fun between Boss Lepton and I grew to have so many visitors (8 to be exact) in just 6 months.

    We have all of you to thank for that!

    Since this is our last week, we shall try our best to update Leng Mou as much as possible in the next few days.


    • how sad. i will miss my daily dose of fun. so, how can i keep in touch wif u, if u dun mind being frd wif an old cock

      By Anonymous invisibleghost, at May 26, 2006 8:20 AM  

    • yeah :(
      ill miss stewie and lepton :(
      leng ~

      *sad post*

      *bluey grabs a tissue*

      By Blogger ChocoMonster, at May 26, 2006 8:23 AM  

    • Hey guys...why??
      Keep on blogging boss!

      By Anonymous Abom, at May 26, 2006 8:57 AM  

    • It's quite disappointing to hear both bosses are not blogging anymore at LengMou. I have enjoyed so much reading your blog, although I have never commented but I do enjoy reading every single post you guys posted. It's amusing and of course entertaining to all of us.

      I do hope both of you will start blogging individually at your own time and pace.

      By Anonymous vickyay, at May 26, 2006 9:26 AM  

    • oik boss, how can u say something so irresponsible like this..

      disappointed.. !!!
      Hate u ...

      How about start another one for other objective? hehe

      be sure u tell me!

      By Blogger Cely, at May 26, 2006 9:37 AM  

    • I think both you guys have a darn good sense of humour :) It's been enjoyable reading your postings :)

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 26, 2006 9:43 AM  

    • aiseh....that just goes to show that good things dont last long ;)

      Enjoy the roast duck ;)

      p/s: hmmmmmm......dont know wut to do after this leh...............

      By Blogger Nash M.D., at May 26, 2006 9:49 AM  

    • Its a shame, but oh well...

      Enjoyed reading all your posts and its always good to quit while you're ahead.

      The so-called 'blog personalities', tend to get a little too big for their socks and at times I feel like they're trying just a LITTLE too hard.

      By Anonymous illicitus, at May 26, 2006 10:21 AM  

    • :(..will miss u guys definitely..When r u guys coming back to msia?? Bakuteh with lotsaaaaa Fu Zuk on our bill :D

      By Blogger KampungboyCitygal, at May 26, 2006 11:53 AM  

    • This can't be happening. Gone another entertainment source. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! T_T >_<"

      I hope the blog still around though. For future generations.

      By Anonymous Chapree Da Grande, at May 26, 2006 12:16 PM  

    • Every morning wake up you check comments? I check Leng Mou! :P

      Sigh... my turn to sniff sniff*

      I will definitely miss you guys a lot! Keep in touch with me k!

      By Blogger こうゆうけん, at May 26, 2006 1:02 PM  

    • Awww too bad. I just found 'LENGMOU' about 2 wks ago and had been enjoying reading them..rolling many times on the floor ;). Good Work and Thank You!

      Do inform us if anyone of you two decided to start another blog. We'll be sure to pester you.

      By Anonymous Che-Cheh, at May 26, 2006 1:05 PM  

    • Wot!!! I've just started reading your blog and so soon it'll be GONE????

      Yikes! I'm sure gonna miss those funny stuffs you guys write to entertain each other and of course make me laugh out loud all the time..

      Well done and I will certainly pray hard that you two will decide to get a personal blog of your own. I'll definitely visit..

      By Blogger Christinesy, at May 26, 2006 1:57 PM  

    • No.. i dont believe that 2 of u will quit blogging.. For sure... want to bet a roast duck for that?

      By Anonymous Nic, at May 26, 2006 1:59 PM  

    • don't stop!! If you do, I'll have one less funny moment everyday!

      By Blogger e-Fei, at May 26, 2006 2:48 PM  

    • hahahaha awww guys.... now you're all just making me feel bad

      let us think about it...

      By Blogger Boss Stewie, at May 26, 2006 4:08 PM  

    • One of you look like the new make-over Clay Aiken as he appeared in AI's finale. From a distance. From a very very long distance. LOL. Nice blog you have ere!

      By Blogger Anak Merdeka, at May 26, 2006 4:50 PM  

    • You did all this for a roast duck? I find that hard to believe :p Hehe there must've been a desire to blog all along otherwise you wouldn't have stuck it through till the end.

      Anyway, you guys are the best bloggers ever. My personal favourite topic was the one with new and improved toilet sign. The piss and poo sign.

      Wish you guys the very best for your futures and keep smiling :)

      By Anonymous Nicholas, at May 26, 2006 5:39 PM  

    • yes nicholas... believe it or not... it was all for duck.. read the description on the right side of the blog :P

      the duck is that good

      By Blogger Boss Stewie, at May 26, 2006 6:28 PM  

    • CLAY AIKEN!?!?!


      Clay AIKEN is in NO WAY similar to them *no offence stewie, lepton*, but clay aiken's hotness is not to be mistaken :P


      DO CONTINUE BLOGGING for the benefit of both of you and all of us :)

      By Blogger ChocoMonster, at May 26, 2006 7:51 PM  

    • MOU!!!!u want close shop and dun miss us commenters also, how 2 give u LENGZ?

      btw, boss stewie, dun shake legs yet, go walk around UK and find sumthing funny 2 blog becoz as long as game not over, boss lepton still have every chance 2 win!!!!!

      By Anonymous lancebaby, at May 26, 2006 8:36 PM  

    • this is a trick, a trick to boost the traffic...I know one.Wuahahah...!

      By Blogger Kenny Lee, at May 26, 2006 10:58 PM  

    • NNNOOO!!!!! dun go !!!!

      By Blogger Wingz, at May 26, 2006 11:26 PM  

    • haha no kenny... read the description that has always been there... we were supposed to end at june from the start

      By Blogger Boss Stewie, at May 26, 2006 11:48 PM  

    • hey, it was darn good blog I'd say.... and sad to hear ur stopping the blog by June 1st....

      Reminds me of Densha Otoko (Train man). A happy and sad ending where a subject had to be closed down after 1000th post...
      Try watch it at Youtube.... about a guy like me (you know me Boss Stewie and Boss Lepton) who is an Anime freak falling in love with a rich, beautiful lady (which is impossible for an anime freak).

      Densha Otoko - based on a true story

      By Anonymous AKLufias, at May 27, 2006 12:21 AM  

    • hehehehe

      lol wooots 1 more paper to go after 3 papers in a row, damn freaking tired

      will be updating soon

      WAHAHAHAHA keep checking back o...

      By Blogger Boss Lepton, at May 27, 2006 12:29 AM  

    • hello :P

      By Anonymous alina, at May 27, 2006 12:50 AM  

    • hello to u too alina :P

      By Blogger Boss Stewie, at May 27, 2006 1:20 AM  

    • shall check it out saiful

      By Blogger Boss Stewie, at May 27, 2006 1:22 AM  

    • hi,

      just got started to read this blog a week ago during my exam period. i like most of the entries u guys posted and i really enjoy reading the comments. u guys should keep on posting, reconsider abt it~ at least it helps me to destress after reading this blog. =)

      and all the best in exams for ppl our there.

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 27, 2006 1:41 AM  

    • ahhhhhh. sad. :( me sad. though I may not comment on every entry, I still read 'em.

      Start a personal blog then.. whether it's gonna be humour-centred is a different story altogether. IF NOT HOW TO KEEP IN TOUCH WOR.

      By Blogger Clem, at May 27, 2006 2:19 AM  

    • ehhhh don laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....
      hahahaha i wanna read some more la shit...this blog is actually damn good la bosses hahah :P
      basket boss stewie, u asked me to post replies more often so u know im around...then u suddenly wanna close down...i mean even tho i know that the blog ends in june '06 plus its like been a gazillion times that uv said the blogs goin to close after u get ur duck...STILL!
      oh btw, leng for the last post as well haha :P

      By Anonymous andrew, at May 27, 2006 2:21 AM  

    • NO cannot close .
      if you stop updating leng mou,how on earth my housemate is going to laugh ??????Dont be so selfish la.Must think of others also ma.

      By Anonymous yothemans, at May 27, 2006 3:47 AM  

    • sighs, finally it came to the end.

      Whatever it is, be sure to give me a call when you are back in Malaysia. My mobile : 0126842434. We got eat Fruity Gelato aka Lecka Lecka together, but you belanja, ok? :P

      By Blogger Jason, at May 27, 2006 6:44 AM  

    • hahahaha ok jason

      By Blogger Boss Stewie, at May 27, 2006 7:56 AM  

    • sorry ler yothemans...

      andrew.. dun lar..

      ok lar oklar.. let us think about it

      By Blogger Boss Stewie, at May 27, 2006 7:56 AM  


      :P eh jason & stewie while you're at it, send some ice cream to ss2 for me. MWAHAHHA..

      its been long since i ate lecka lecka.

      wont be gettin any ice cream soon.

      mom & dad just had another scary fight. :/

      I feel unloved. *Sigh*

      Where's the icecream when i need it?

      By Blogger ChocoMonster, at May 27, 2006 4:51 PM  

    • aww blueyy

      just make a trip to 1-utama

      By Blogger Boss Stewie, at May 27, 2006 8:14 PM  

    • should have gotten some yesterday.

      didnt pass an ice cream booth at alll :(


      ill have some good-but-still-not-classic walls ice cream from the sundry shop then . sigh.

      cornetto. ugh.

      By Blogger ChocoMonster, at May 27, 2006 9:58 PM  

    • no no no
      never replace lecka lecka with cornetto

      By Blogger Boss Stewie, at May 27, 2006 10:27 PM  

    • erm. why are u guys gonna stop blogging? i was just starting to hv a good time reading ur blog. darn. or izzit just a gimmick to increase hits?? lol

      By Anonymous abe, at May 27, 2006 11:03 PM  

    • sigh coz i failed miseably to make my boss laugh la


      so depressed

      By Blogger Boss Lepton, at May 28, 2006 9:58 AM  

    • argghhh... y do u have to stop? it was so fun to read what u write and see wat kind of fun you can make frm your daily life.

      *cry a river* :P

      By Blogger ハヤシホシ, at May 28, 2006 5:19 PM  

    • no abe.. the blog has always been meant to stop at june 2006.

      aiyoo sorry lerr jap guy.. dun cry

      By Blogger Boss Stewie, at May 28, 2006 5:52 PM  

    • no.................................. wat a tease ..... get ppl hooked on ur blog ..then ciao .... potong stim lar

      By Anonymous kenaconned, at May 29, 2006 1:22 AM  

    • since it's about the roast duck, then make the roast duck my treat la.. u both have your piece of roast duck courtesy of me and i still continue the daily dosage of humour, amacam? deal?

      By Anonymous roastducky, at May 29, 2006 9:56 PM  

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