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  • Friday, May 19, 2006

    Boss Stewie is inspired!

    Let me tell you something in the news lately.

    Mark Inglis is a 47-year old man who lost both his legs 24 years ago while climbing Mount Cook (New Zealand's tallest mountain).
    On the way up Mount Cook, he and his partner faced some bad weather and were forced to take shelter in an ice-cave.

    They were stuck in there for 2 weeks and were barely alive when rescued.

    Which is a good thing of course... cuz another day longer and they might have to start deciding who is going to eat who.
    Anyway, eventhough they survived, Mark had to amputate both his legs due to frostbite.

    But that didn't stop Mark.

    Fast forward 24 years to now Mark Inglis with his two prosthetic legs (fake legs) just climbed to the very top of Mount Everest.

    That's right... the highest spot in the entire world, so high that there isn't even enough oxygen up there for you to survive without an oxygen tank and too cold for you to even get half an erection.

    And he got there with both fake legs!

    Mark... on behalf of many of us in Malaysia where it is warm and flat... I would just like to say

    "YAU MOU!?!??!"

    Boss Stewie is inspired!



    When I return to Malaysia after my exams I shall climb Penang Hill Mountain.

    By hook or by crook I shall make it to the top of Penang Hill Mountain armed with nothing else but a tram ticket (actually two tickets.. one to take me up and one to take me down).
    Yes... MARK INGLIS HAS TRULY SET AN EXAMPLE FOR US ALL. If he can make it to the top of the highest mountain in the world... I can make it to the top of the highest hill mountain in PENANG!!!

    Anyone with me for this dangerous trip up to the highest mountain on Penang Island?

    Yes it will be a dangerous trip.

    Unlike the climbers who take on Mount Everest, we will not have food supplies.. we will not have oxygen tanks, we will not have full mountain climbing gear and we will not have women to mate with to keep warm if we were to ever get stuck in an ice cave.


    Sure it will be risky. Many many things can go wrong.

    The tram could get stuck halfway up the tracks and we might have to wait 30 minutes to be rescued.

    We might have to pee when we're in the tram on the way up and let the other passengers watch us PEE.

    We might get bitten by blood-sucking mosquitoes that make us ITCH and we won't have a hint of tiger balm with us (which reminds me, please wear underwear to prevent the nyamuk from biting the wee wee. Tiger Balm on the wee wee burns... IT BURNS!!!!).

    We might even reach to the top of the peak and find that the Char Koay Teow store at the top is closed. Then we'll be forced to eat the lousy fried rice.

    Yes... some of us may not make it back alive...
    some of us may lose a ball or two on the way up (or down)...
    (or lose one on the way up and another on the way down... whichever way)...

    MEN... it will be a gruelling trip that will truly differentiate the strong from the weak, the lions from the cubs and THE MEN FROM THE BOYS BUT WE WILL MAKE IT TO THE TOP OF THAT MOUNTAIN!!!!

    SO WHO'S WITH ME?!?!?

    (Only people with good stamina please... it can be very tiring walking from the carpark to the tram station and I don't want any fat fuks to slow the rest of us fat fuks down).

    No one?


    Not at all?

    Ok how about just halfway up?


    Ok what if I get a car to drop us right at the train station instead of walking from the car park?

    Still no?

    Ok what if I get a car to drop us at the train station and get someone to push us one by one in wheel chairs from the porch of the tram station to the tram?

    Still no?

    You guys memang damn malas...


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