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  • Sunday, May 28, 2006

    The End is Near......... But a New Life has begun

    Oh what the hell, I just can't stop laughing when I saw these pictures I got in my email this morning.

    Most of you might have seen this b4 but allow Boss Lepton to attempt to write a story out of it.

    What the hell, since you all know Boss Lepton is utterly useless in attempting to make all you laugh I'll try to write it in 2 languages, hokkien and hokkien.

    Er wait, that's not right....... ok fine, maybe 3 languages so to be fair to all you people who can't speak hokkien.

    Here goes, don't laugh at me if my language skills are really bad ok?

    Warning, 18SX from beyond here, proceed at your risk.

    Ah Beng ka Ah Lian jin sukak ginna. Tapi yi lang mm zai zo mik, kao in eh neh ku liao Ah Lian koh beh tua poh tor.

    Subramaniam dan Lily adalah suami isteri yang cinta-mencintai. Mereka cinta kanak-kanak. Tapi tak tahu kenapa, mereka masih tak ada kanak-kanak untuk main.

    Mr and Mrs Stewie are a pair of loving couple. They are in desperate need of a child because playing with each other isn't that much of fun anymore.

    Uu ji meh, Ah Beng lim jin nia cheh jiu. Yi mabuk liao. Tui kao chu eh si, yi kua tiok Ah Lian boh cheng sa. Yi pun ki poh Ah Lian. Yi lang poh poh liao koh chim lai chim ki. Yi eh lan jiao pun kiao ki lai liao.

    Pada suatu malam, Subramaniam dimabukkan arak. Apabila dia memasuki rumahnya, Subramaniam ternampak Lily bogel. Ia telah memaksa kejantanannya menjadi tegang dan serupa batang basebol.

    Mr Stewie is also a lousy drinker. He went down after a few shots of Vodka(Ice- 5% alcohol) while Mrs Stewie was still standing after 5 bottles. Looking at this, Mrs Stewie took advantage of the situation by stripping naked and forcefully push viagra into Mr Stewie's mouth. Mr Stewie's manhood suddenly got enhanced.

    Ah Beng kah meh liak Ah Lian ki bin ceng. Yi lang noh kian beh teng chim lai chim ki. Ah Beng kua tiok Ah Lian eh cibai tam tam liao, yi pun gia yi eh lan jiao chak jip ki. Tapi yi eh lan jiao tai seh ki liao, Ah Lian boh kam kak tiok. Tapi yi boh chap siao la, hor Ah Beng gan nia lo, keh si keh si syok pun mian gin.

    Chak jip chak chut, chak jip chak chut, boh kau 1 minit Ah Beng pun lai liao. Yi sngeh yi eh mik gia jip ki Ah Lian eh cibai la bin.

    Subramaniam mendukung Lily ke katil dan terus meraba-raba badan Lily. Mereka juga bermain cium-cium dan menggosok-gosok badan. Apabila Sebramaniam terlihat muka Lily merah dan kewanita-an(puki or whatever you call it) Lily basah, dia pun terus memaksa batangnya yang sudah lama lembek ke dalam Lily. Tetapi, ia tidak dapat masuk sebab terlalu lembek. Walau bagaimanapun, dia menggunakan batang yang lembek untuk menggosok kotek dengan puki Lily.

    Lepas menggosok-gosok sekian lama, dia memegang batangnya tengah tengah puki Lily dan menembak air maninya ke dalam Lily.

    Mrs Stewie is an abusive lady. She grabbed Mr Stewie's hardened dick and threaten him she would pull it off if he would not want to put it in her. She pushed him into bed and told Mr Stewie to start thrusting his dick into her female-hood. Then Stewie started doing so with his already hardened dick because he was thinking, "My dick is more important than my manhood". Well, obviously he can't think right because he's drunk.

    "But what the hell," he thought, "Free Pussy." And he started doing so with passion.

    1 second, 2 second, 3 second, 4 second,....... "AAAHHHHH, OH YEA NEW RECORD FOR ME, with viagra I can stand for 5 seconds." Mr Stewie said to himself, before shooting his load into Mrs Stewie(who is screaming her lungs off) and his dick turning flaccid.







    OK that went a bit too far.

    And I am really struggling to finish the story. So anybody wanna help me out here? Please send your ending to the story to lengmoublog@yahoo.com.

    Here are the rest of the pictures.

    What made me laugh was the 2nd last picture. Does it look to you that the baby is crawling out from the mother's womb??

    Suddenly Stewie from Family Guy came to my thought.

    Ok that was a bad post isn't it? Sigh, sorry la I tried.


    Btw, if any of you who could read or write chinese, please visit Sinroot.com and give a little support to this new forum. One of my friends started it and I think it can be quite a decent forum. Any suggestions for sinroot is welcomed and I will relay all your opinions to the people behind sinroot.


    p.s. in the meantime, please help me finish the story *sob sob*


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