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  • Sunday, April 16, 2006

    Things we do when we are stressed

    For many UK students like me, final exams take place within the next couple of months so everybody is stressed.

    So what do people do to release stress?

    Well.. it depends... on how much money you have.

    For example, to release stress, Boss Lepton plays real-life Need For Speed:Underground with on KL roads with his Toyota Celica.

    That's right! If you ever see a Celica arrogantly zoom pass you ... that's probably just a very stressed Boss Lepton.

    Of course, sometimes when Boss Lepton doesn't feel the "need for speed", he just poses with his car in the carpark just like this.

    Time of posing varies between 5-10 minutes depending on how long it takes for a girl to walk up to him and say... "Nice car".

    Tip: Notice the date this photo was taken and the "P" sticker on Boss Lepton's car. Normally in a family, the "P" driver will always drive the oldest/cheapest car in the house to bang around a bit on our early accidents. Boss Lepton's cheapest car was/is a Celica. So now 2 years after his P license expired, what car do you think he drives now?

    Anyway lets move on. What do the "less rich" people do?

    Well... some girls I know spend their time on some retail therapy.
    And it helps!

    Somehow buying new shoes seems to be the way to release stress for many girls who follow the lead of Carrie Bradshaw.

    On the other hand for some guys who can't afford a Celica yet, they go out to buy the most expensive item of the 'cheaper' items.

    Like a good high quality SLR camera; so they can sleep at night knowing that they own the best camera around.

    So considering the toys that people buy to 'de-stress' themselves, what do the poor people like Boss Stewie buy?

    That was a tough one for me

    So I started thinking... what is the cheapest item in which the most expensive type of it I can afford to buy.

    I thought of something... maybe like a pen. But even the most pen (gold-plated or even diamond encrusted) can cost hundreds of thousands. I thought of a penis-ring (because earrings are for women and gay men and penis-rings are more for... uhmm.. straight men...?)

    But even the most expensive gold-plated penis-ring is way out of my budget.


    I went shopping and bought myself the MOST EXPENSIVE HIGHLIGHTER I COULD FIND!!!


    (There are no gold plated... highlighters.. right? Who the flying fuk would make a GOLD-PLATED, DIAMOND ENCRUSTED HIGHLIGHTER?!?)

    So I ended up with this "special-looking" Stabilo highlighter called the LUMINATOR X.T. which cost me almost GBP 2 (about RM14). Oooh.. doesn't that sound like the Ferrari of highlighters.

    Check out its SLICK design...

    At the back end of the highlighter there some sort of liquid that looks like MILK (but is supposed to be the ink I think) and also a few measurement lines to tell you how much ink you have left.

    NOW HOW COOL IS THAT??!?!?! Check out the QUALITY of the yellow... a bright striking yellow that OUTSHINES the dull yellow of pathetic ordinary highlighters! and don't forget the cool..... uhm... the thing... uhmm.. the cool thing... errmm..... you know... that .. that other thing...


    Okay okay ... you guys are right.

    There's nothing special about this stupid "milk-powered" highlighter and I overpaid for it.

    I am so sad....I'm just going to curl up in a corner now and weep :'(


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