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  • Saturday, April 29, 2006

    Boss Stewie the addict

    I was about to blog about something today... but I got carried away. And I blame it all on The Superficial. I have to shamefully admit that it's the only one of the more popular blogs that I read simply because its HILARIOUS!!!

    Unfortunately I don't read much Kennysia or Xiaxue.
    I tend to prefer reading the smaller blogs, ones with a more personal feel to it. Blogs like Leng Mou :P

    Leng Mou receives about a total of 8 visits each day: Boss Lepton, Boss Lepton's girlfriend, my baby, myself of course, and
    another 4 of you out there.
    So we fall under the lovely... small and personal blogs category!

    On another note, I am also very addicted to this music video.


    Jay Chou's song for Jet Li's latest movie: Fearless.

    I've heard the song a few times but I've never really watched the video nor have I watched Fearless so I really can't comment on whether it is a good movie or not.
    HOWEVER, I do know someone else who has watched it and reviewed it. Check it out here.

    Yes, I trust Shaolin Tiger's reviews. The man writes good movie reviews.

    YES LAR!!! BOSS STEWIE OUTDATED LAR!!! Jay Chou's old song also I call new... Fearless also never watch yet!
    PLEASE LAR... UNDERSTAND A BIT... Boss Stewie is stuck in London ok?

    We don't get to watch any chinese MVs on MTV and
    the only chinese movies we get in the cinema here are the crap ones like 2046. AUGHH 2046!!!! Every time I think of that movie I get angry!
    Such a PHUCKING LOUSY movie!!!!!

    Polls update: In the past 24 hours, 24 girls voted and unfortunately only 6 of the 24 (27%) said they would sleep with a guy friend who made a website for her that got over 25,000,000 hits in one year.

    So whichever one of you bought the TolongSayaDapatkanSeks.com domain.... sorry lar...

    Oh actually now that I think about it, that Jay video isn't the best chinese video I've ever seen. The best is still...


    Oh Cyndi... how could I ever forsake you... 我永远会爱你啊!!!

    Dance for me Cyndi... DANCE FOR BOSS STEWIE!!!

    Boss Stewie take you home! Boss STEWIE take you home and make you fishball soup! FISHBALL!


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